This method can only be applied to mailings of type REGULAR
Returns the scheduling resource of the mailing with the provided id.

Response Codes

HTTP status code Description
200 OK if there is a schedule set for this mailing; the body will contain detailed information in this case
404 Not found in case there is no schedule set for this particular mailing

Return Values

Deployment: Delete getArchivalDuration and get Tracking Duration

Attribute Description
date the day the mailing is scheduled for
hour the hour a mailing is scheduled for
minutes the minutes a mailing is scheduled for
state one of {unscheduled,schedules,fired,misfired}
dispatchOption The time distribution strategy to choose from {‘hour’, ‘weekdayhour’, ‘uniform’}.
dispatchEndInHours Number of hours begining from the dispatch start util which the dispatch distribution over the time has to be finished. Used in case of ‘hour’ dispatch option and ‘uniform’ option. Allowed values for the ‘uniform’ distribution are in [2..96], whereas for ‘hour’ strategy thery are ranging from [2..24].
dispatchEndInDays Number of days begining from the dispatch start util which the dispatch distribution over the time has to be finished. Used only with dispatch option ‘weekdayhour’ and its acceptable range is [1..7].
dispatchEndExactDatetime The exact end date util which the dispatch time distribution has to be finished. It is used when none of the arguments above dispatchEndInHours, dispatchEndInDays aren’t set i.e. equals 0. Note that one of dispatchEndInHours, dispatchEndInDays,
dispatchEndExactDatetime argument should be used in the request according to the selected dispatch option. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
clicksAsResponseReference The parameter determines the inclusion/exclusion of clicks as a response criteria when selecting {‘hour’, ‘weekdayhour’} options.
dispatchWavesGroup The number determines how many consecutive sending waves will be grouped when using {‘hour’, ‘weekdayhour’} distribution. Supported values are {1, 2, 3 (default)}.
dispatchUniformInterval The arguments controls the interval {‘hour’, ’30m’, ’20m’, ’15m’, ’10m’} for the ‘uniform’ strategy indicating the frequency of mailing distribution over time. It should equals null for {‘hour’, ‘weekdayhour’} dispatch options.
allowedHours The value represents the allowed hours. Comma separated values for the allowed hours and can be combined with a range of hours. The required format looks like 0,3,5,17-21 as an example. The acceptable values rane is 0..23. Note that the if this argument is not provided, all 24H of the day will be considered as acceptable dispatch hours.