Maileon PHP API Client

The Maileon PHP API client is a PHP library that allows your PHP application to interface with Maileon. This means that there’s a few things less to worry about because the client will handle them for you:

  • HTTP connection setup
  • API Authentication
  • Mapping function calls to REST requests
  • Serialization and deserialization of XML and JSON data to PHP data structures

The PHP API Client has been moved to Github in order to allow transparent development and uses Composer as a build system for your projects. You can find the latest version, here:

You can use Composer to automatically retrieve the API client: 

Optionally, you can download the (outdated) last stable standalone release maileon-php-client-1.5.5 here. There is also a minimal version without documentation and code examples to include in your programming project directly: maileon-php-client-min-1.5.5


Maileon Java API Client

The Maileon Java API client is an Java wrapper for the REST API written for Java 1.7+.
You can download the current stable release maileon-java-client-0.7.2. This release works with version 1.0 of the Maileon API.



Maileon Ruby API Client

The Maileon Ruby API Client can be downloaded at GitHub.


.NET (C#) Client

Our Partner Wanadis has published a client for .NET in C#, which can calso be downloaded from Github ( or can be retrieved from the Nuget-Repository: