This documentation gathers best practices for implementing plugins for third party apps that connect those apps with Maileon. This documentation is not specialized on technical details but should help getting an understanding of business processes. Considering contact synchronization between a shop system and Maileon. First, it sounds rather simple but there is certain set of “hidden” details, not everyone thinks of, e.g. what happens if a customer changes the email in the shop? Will it be changed in Maileon, too? Is the permission then still valid or does it have to be revoked? Is the subscription maybe independent and changing some email in some shop does not affect the subscription for a contact in Maileon at all?

As experience with developing plugins grows, this documentation should grow along and help partners, customers, or independent agencies to think of those details and decide what to include in the plugin.

Contact Synchronization

As XQueue Maileon is a professional tool for sending marketing mails to recipients, called contacts in the following, data for personalizing mails and selecting the right target group is required. Thus, contact data is the most common kind of information that is synchronized between an external system and Maileon. Once this basic level of integration is realized there is a diversity of possible integration approaches that can be taken. Examples are:

  • Sending transaction mails, e.g. shopping cart abandonment mails, confirmation mails, password lost reminders, …
  • Creating mailing contents in an external system and submitting the HTML code and all required information like subject, target group, etc. to Maileon
  • Collecting report information from the API, e.g. opens, clicks, bounces, …

This documentation provides basic integration guidelines, no detailed sourcecode. Depending on the circumstances there are of course much more specialized scenarios possible.

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Transactional Mails

A lot of customer systems also send transactional mails like order confirmations to contacts. Sometimes the external systems send those mails themselves but sending them over Maileon guarantees best deliverability, which is especially in cases where you send crucial data, like invoices or tickets, of special importance.

The following documentation shows best practices for sending transactional mails with Maileon.

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