Creates a target group based on a given contact filter.

Body Data

You need to set an entity of a target group.

Parameter Required/  Description
name / true Name of the group. The name must be unique within the account. The name length must be in the range from 3 to 64 and should only contain alphanumeric characters or spaces.
type / true The type of the group. Can be one of ‘regular’ and ‘test’.


/ true The ID of the contact filter to base the group on.

Body Example

Response Codes

HTTP status code Description
201 Created Default status when everything worked well.
400 Bad request Something with the request is wrong, e.g. wrong xml syntax or missing values.
404 Not found The contact filter with the given ID does not exist.
409 Conflict A filter with the given name already exists.
500 Conflict An unexpected error occured.