Sets the html content of the mailing with the provided id. Note that the mailing should not be sealed. This call also creates a raw html template for the mailing so that it can still be edited later in the graphical user interface.
Warning: in case you provide no parameter (or true) for doImageGrabbing and you provide links to none-existing images, Maileon tries resolving the images in order to cache them. Depending on your server this process can run into timeouts for every image and the call can take unexpectedly long, resulting in a timeout in the calling script. Make sure all image urls are valid.
Hint: If you wish to send text-only-mails, you will have to set a simple space character (” “) as HTML content. Maileon will then send a mail with header “Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8”.


Parameter Default Description
doImageGrabbing true If true, referenced images in the html content will be persistent in Maileon so that they no longer need to be available under the original URL. Note that this only applies to images respecting the pattern <img src=http://…" …/>"
doLinkTracking false If this is true, links will be changed to make them trackable, if false, links will not be changed.