API version 1.0.0

Once a contact is unsubscribed, the email is anonymized and it can only be found using the internal Mailon ID. However, with this ID it is possible to add authorized unsubscription reasons to your Maileon account.
You need the contact ID and a valid checksum to add a reason to the database.


Parameter Default Description
id The maileon contact id
checksum The checksum of the maileon contact id./  See FAQ for further information."
ignore_checksum false If the request is from an authorized entity this parameter can be set to true and no checksum will be required.
reason Optional multivalued array. If filled, the unsubscription reason will be submitted to maileon and saved in an anonymized table for reporting purposes. Unsubscription reasons have two layers of information (separated by a |, see examples): types and messages
  1. Reason-Type. Valid values are:
    • too_many_messages
    • no_demand
    • change_of_channel
    • change_of_interest
    • technical_reasons
    • other
  2. Reason-Message. Here you can provide a custom message, especially used for type ‘other’ as e.g. type too_many_messages is automatically translated to a sounding representation in the report.

Hint: for easier evaluation of unsubscription reasons we suggest to limit the amount of possible values e.g. by providing a dropdown box with predefined values only.